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We are kissing innocently and sweetly.

Then when things start to get a little heavier, I pretend that I want to slow down. But deep inside he knows what I secretly want. I say, “We should slow down. I don’t want things to get too far.”

And he says, “Baby, I’m going to go as far as I want.”

He starts tugging at my clothes and I resist saying, “No, please dont!”

He rips off my pants anyway. Then my panties. Pins my arms down. Teases me with his tongue to get me nice and wet.

"Stop it, please. I’m a good girl!" I whine.

"I know, that why I want you so fucking bad. I want that tight pussy."

He takes off his pants and starts touching himself. “Take off your shirt.”

"No, please don’t do this." He flips me over on my tummy and spanks me.

"I said take off the shirt." he demands in a harsh tone. I whimper and hesitantly take off my shirt. He touches and strokes himself while he watches me do this. "And the bra." he says.

I take off my bra and he smiles an evil smile.

He crawls on the bed and pushes me on my back. He kneels right over my face and shoves his dick in my mouth. I don’t want it but he says, “Suck it little girl.” I do as he says and he face fucks me. He gets off of me and flips me over.

"You want me baby?" he asks.

"No, please… I can’t…"

"Too bad." he says and shoves his fat dick inside of me. 

He fucks me so hard and fast from behind I can hardly take it. He pulls on my hair, makes me beg and scream.

"Oh please, you’re hurting me! I’m a good girl!"

He spanks me and says, “Now you’re a dirty girl!” and he cums in me.

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Mon, August 29th 2011

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